Personalized mobile training for retail teams.

We believe training should be accessible to all employees at all times. 
And animated with content deeply personalized to their targets.

Albert brings back training to its initial purpose: 
Achieve your business objectives.

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Whether you’re looking to onboard new employees or inform your sales teams about new products, Albert is the ideal training program to meet the ever-changing needs of your brand.

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A Think it Twice Solution

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THINK IT TWICE LTD is a Hong-Kong based company dedicated to smart mobile solutions for learning. The company operates since 2014.


Our white-labeled training programs are adapted to your industry and your brand’s objectives. Delivered each day on your branded app, Albert helps your teams get the information they need.

Our technology is designed to maximize the participation of your teams, being on iOS or Android.
Easy to install and fluid, our apps create the most natural experience for the users.

Native mobile technology

Real-time tracking

Albert’s real-time tracking tools allow you follow the progress of your users through a comprehensive dashboard.
Want to follow closely some KPI? Subscribe to the smart notifications.

10 minutes a day,
every day.

Mobile learning is all about frequency, relevance, and flexibility. It’s an effective solution that easily adapts to the needs of today’s businesses and integrates seamlessly into your employees’ daily routines.


The ongoing success of a training program is linked to its ability to win the attention and loyalty of its audience. Albert offers content in the form of quizzes and daily challenges to ensure your employees remain engaged, day after day.

Data driven

Albert can be integrated with your operational system which creates truly data-driven personalisation of content, and makes the outcome measurable.


The Albert advantage

Training is accessible to everyone, everyday, anytime.

Staff onboarding is faster than ever.

Users get engaged with your brand from day 1.

You control the delivery of your content.

Training becomes a measurable investment.

Live analytics.

Data is key to measure success. 
We give you access to it.

Our current trend:
70%+ Daily connection rate
80%+ daily quiz completion rate
6.45mn average daily time spent

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